I now have two more co-workers!

2008-12-13 09:40:53 by disdude

I am right now working with two friends of mine, teaching them everything i know in flash, when they have finished learning flash they will help me and colaberate with me in making some awesome flashes!

It shouldnt take much longer to finish teaching them every thing, i started 3 days ago, and I'm planing to do A LOT of work with one of them today!

(I'm not sure why exactly why you people would care to know this, but its big news for me, because now i can make bigger flashes with less work =D)

a series i may be making.

2008-11-01 17:18:02 by disdude

well i now have 6 different flash submission out. but none of them are really that great.
so here's an idea i got:

One of my friends once created a comic book series. anyone who read it loved it, but not manny people ever read it....so I've been thinking of creating a flash with the same story line as his comic and post it here on NG! =D

well if i do decide to do this you'll see it here, and ill probably make another post about it being almost done!!

well ive put the random test on a halt right now, and i started working on new things:

ive began to make a video where mario (a sprite) meets Dis Dude, but im not shure where im heading with it.

im also testing out a way of makeingh a game where you see a black screen and you mouse is a circle that reveals whats there, then ill put it into a quize, your asked whats there and from the little you can see you have to guess what you think it is =D. its actually working.

I've also put the tests on making a halo machinema (which is on my computer as a MP3 file to be on a flash file and submit it to NG cause the tests have gotten me in trouble already...

well I'm looking for ideas from people who have ideas for a flash but dont know how to make flash! so if you got an idea pleas share!!!!

My new a=Acount

2008-10-25 18:39:36 by disdude

Calling myself Dis Dude when my account was destroyer didn't make sense.....at all....so i have my new account =D

i have already re posted my Flash stuff, even though the Mad Line Tricks got messed up...

anyways i of course lost all my stats but il re build em.

i plan to be coming out with more flashes soon!

PS. the other reason why i made this account was because Kest was rating all my stuff 0 every day for no reason, some of my games he didn't even play- not once!!!!!